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on the washington d.c. junior. i don't think it's surprising to any florida state fans, they're trying to go inside against this smaller virginia tech squad. and something that september greenberg can ill-afford is foul problems. >> larry: not nearly as deep as florida state. >> bob: ryan reid to the foul line. he's come in through in big games in conference play. you referenced that georgia tech win. one of the reasons that florida state won that game was the play of ryan reid. he went to atlanta and posted a career-best 17. really tough guy. >> larry: the only senior on this florida state squad. >> bob: dulkys rips it out of there. >> larry: great effort by dulkys to keep the ball alive. >> bob: here's alabi on the block. he goes up and over davila. but it matters not -- he travels. >> larry: by watching the first few seconds of that possession by florida state this time. i'll tell you what, virginia tech did a great job of defending post area down in there. all three of their guys had really gotten in front of all of florida state's bigs in there and made it difficult for them to make the pass.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1